AVIVA Café Gourmet

It is a coffee grown in Strictly High Ground on the Santa Ana volcano in the Lamatepec mountain range, cradle of the golden grain. Our coffee is cultivated under the shade by expert Salvadorean hands that have worked the land from generation to generation. The cultivation of coffee on our farms protects the flora and fauna as well as helping to preserve the aquifers.

AVIVA Café Clásico

A Height Grown coffee on the lands of the Santa Ana volcano, under the song of birds, enriched by volcanic soil. It is processed and treated from its cultivation to achieve a balanced cup with a good body and aroma that satisfies the palate.

AVIVA de la Finca Plus

Coffee grown and processed in volcanic lands to provide the highest yield per pound for companies that like to serve their customers with quality coffee.


AVIVA de la Finca

Intense flavor and consistency developed from the cultivation of the grain to its preparation, which allows the enjoyment of a good cup of coffee that yields more per pound.


AVIVA Café Instantáneo

Product derived from coffee beans with the same quality that characterizes Aviva Café.