Aviles Pacas Hermanos S.A de C.V

Is a family business, founded in 1973, as a result of more than 50 years of passion for the farming, processing and commercialization of coffee. Each one of our coffee beans is hand-selected, regulating the process under the highest standards of quality and hygiene, from the moment it is planted until it is delivered to the hands of our consumers.

Our Farms


Our AVIVA brand of 100% Salvadoran coffee is cultivated on the slopes of the Lamatepec Volcano in Santa Ana, Heroic City called by our ancestors “Sihuatehuacán” which means: City of Sorcerers and Magicians. Today this magic is injected with fervor and dedication in the whole process that culminates in our AVIVA CAFÉ product.

Our Brands


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The love for cultivating the land paid off in our Finca San Rafael, which has been owned by the family for more than 100 years. Back in 1930, our great-great-grandfather, Don Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa, had some saplings of Maragogype, San Ramón, Arabica and Robusta in his garden in San Rafael.

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He was so impressed by some of the coffee trees in the garden, that he called Dr. William Cowgill of the University of Florida and invited him to see the coffee trees in the Pacas garden at Finca San Rafael.

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When Don Francisco De Sola heard that some varieties in Don Alberto’s garden produced 85 to 102 quintals per acre, he visited the coffee garden and made observations in the Arabica Hybrid known as San Ramón.

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After his visit and subsequent research, Dr. Cowgill concluded that the new highly-productive coffee plants were a mutation of the San Ramón Arabica Hybrid, and he named it “Pacas Variety” in honor of Don Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa.